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1 Mar

Did you know

Mullan Gallery has a M A S S I V E basement space downstairs. Here you can view the work of the gallery artists even when we have a solo exhibition on the ground floor. SO even though John Behan's Sculpture Exhibition is on this month on the ground floor you can still she the work of the other artists in the basement space. 

 Artists' work include Lisa Ballard,  Anna Campbell (Bronze Sculpture), Colmhghall Casey, William Crozier, Orla de Bri,  (Sculpture) Martin Gale, Duibhne Gough, Dennis Hollinger,  Mary Theresa Keown, Sarah Longley, Avril Lyons, Padriag Macmiadhachain, Maeve McCarthy, Michael McGuinness, Yvonne Moore, Breon O'Casey, (including Sculpture)  Patrick O'Reilly,  (Scultpure) Ann Quinn, Geoffrey Robinson, Frances Ryan, Donald Teskey and Chris Wilson.

 We have a wide selection of Paintings, Sculptures, Original Prints and Jewellery.

 Irish Art  and more 

1 Jan

Did you Know

Mullan gallery presents a series of 'One Room One Week' Exhibitions during the year.  Here you can find young emerging artists who have been invited to show with the gallery for one week and in (as the name would suggest) one room.  You can expect some interesting events.

You must be registered with the gallery to receive information for these shows as we only circulate by email.Its easy to register. There is a quick register link on the front page of the website or you can click on the link at the top of the front page where you can provide us with detail about your preferences or interests.

 Please remember to add caroline@mullangallery to your address book to ensure delivery of our email to your inbox. Spam boxes are very sensitive these days and our mail can end up in your spam box depending on your settings so to be sure don't forget !

12 Jun

Ann Quinn

 Congratulations to Anne Quinn who won the RHA Annual Exhibition 2012,  K & M Evans Painter's prize. 

Also here is a copy of a review 'What Lies Beneath' by Niall Macmonagle from the Sunday Independent's Living Magazine, 10th June 2012. Donegal artist Ann Quinn is known for her landscapes. She's painted her native county, it's bogs and skies and potato drills, she's p...ainted the Iranian desert, birds' nests in winter trees on Kildare Street, and Quinn has just been awarded the K & M Evans Prize at this year's RHA Exhibition.

This painting of her mother's friend and neighbour is one of her very few portraits. It's called Mary, once the most popular name in Ireland; even boys ( Gabriel - Gay - Mary Byrne) were given it as a middle name. It's a name that evokes a long-ago Ireland of May altars and Corpus Christi processions.

Mary McLaughlin was born in 1935 and lived all her life in Donegal. She could be a benign nun but this kind gentle soul is a woman who must have known all the hoo-hah and commotion and worries of family life. Now 77, she is the mother of 12, has 35 grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and, until her retirement 10 years ago, ran 'Mary's Bar' in Ramelton for 35 years.

Here's an open, friendly, lived-in, wrinkled face. Botox ? No, thank you. The smile is as natural as the cropped grey hair and the alert eyes behind the modern glasses look beyond the artist. Her expression and stance contain a quiet confidence. A plain soft grey background suits her wholesome presence. The cardigan and top in soft black with a simple decorated neck are quietly stylish. A single, lustrous crystal hangs on a delicate chain. Nothing here is bling bling. She's the kind of woman whom you could never imagine saying, 'Because I'm worth it !'

This paper with it's 930,000-plus readers means that almost a million people will encounter Mrs McLaughlin this morning. A brief encounter. A private painting, this will never be shown in public but will hang on a wall in Donegal. Those who see the original will know that Ann Quinn has painted a life lived.

28 Sep

Chris Wilson, Horizons

Here is the new 'Horizons' sculpture by Chris Wilson which was recently installed in Roscommon.  It was commissioned by Property Registration Authority in Roscommon under the per cent for art scheme by the Office of Public Works for the Property Registration Authority.The medium is Di-bond with  LED lighting and it measures 4.5 x 2.3 meters. This site specific artwork uses the idea of maps to depict a landscape that is transformed from an aerial perspective to a traditional linear perspective with a small house placed along the horizon line. Additional layers below the surface map refer to information on land ownership. The three layers are backlit with LED lighting. 

24 Jun

10th Anniversary Exhibition

Gallery and Invited Guests

Thank you for all the good wishes and thanks to all those who came along to help us  celebrate  the 10th Anniversary of  Mullan gallery.
The opening night  was  great and the gallery was packed the whole night. 

This exhibition included new work from artists who regularly show in the gallery and also some  special guests , including Basil Blackshaw, david Crone,Colin Davidson, Grahm Gingles, Jack Pakenham and Charles Tyrrell.  It was a great honour to have their work in the Exhibition. Thanks also go to all those who helped behind the scenes. 

A special thanks  of course to my husband Robin who, over 27 years ago, suggested we buy a sculpture  instead of some much needed furniture. This was  the beginning of our journey  and in June 2001 our passion  led to the creation of  'Mullan gallery'. 
Thanks also to all our customers from near and far.

25 May

Breon O'Casey 1928-2011

I am very sorry to say that Breon O'Casey passed away on Sunday 22nd May 2011. He was a much-loved artist . A man with huge talent and a heart to match. Breon was in our first-ever exhibition 10 years ago next month. We have had the honour of exhibiting his work ever since. With Breon's permission I included a small piece of his writing in our catalogue for his solo exhibition which is currently showing in the gallery . I thought you might like to read them too.

“Although I live in the country, I’m not a landscape painter. I find the landscape too difficult to control and arrange into any sort of meaningful pattern: not the wood, not the tree but the leaf; not the distant view, but the hedge; not the mountain, but the stone. I have no windows in my studio, only skylights.
From my garden I can see the church tower of St Paul de Leon and the surrounding trees rising above the village of Paul: straight lines and curves. In the garden is the Tai Haku cherry tree: in the spring a mass of white blossom tinged with pale green and pink, in the summer a pattern of sturdy leaves, in the autumn as the leaves turn yellow then deep red, the whole garden is filled with a burnished golden light. Where is the need to look further? Look closely at the grim granite walls of the house, and they are a feast of myriad colours – delicate pinks and ochres, a thousand different greys” In the summer the dragonflies' sharp metallic colours against the deep green of the hedge. The incredible hue of the magpie's wing, which is not black but blue. The harsh Burnt Sienna red of the glimpsed fox against the umber ploughed filed. The black and white cat with pale green eyes and pink nose, crossing the emerald green lawn. Ben Nicholson's blackbird with yellow beak in the holly bush; and in the winter the violets and purples of the bare trees against the grey Cornish skies." Breon O'Casey, 1999


21 Apr

Chris Wilson Retrospective Strule Arts Centre Omagh

Chris Wilson Retrospective Strule Arts Centre Omagh until 21st May

Hope you can get along to see Chris Wilson's retrospective in Omagh. The exhibition "Land Marks" showcases his work from 1985 to 2010 . While you are there of course you will be able to see his public sculpture "Treelines" which is a permanent sculpture outside the Arts Centre in Omagh

'Chris's practice involves the exploration of locations through the use of maps. The locations include interior spaces and landscape. The maps are used to create references to location both metaphorically and symbolically and to provide the basis for explorations of space. The significance of maps with their territorial references are used to investigate the illusion of three dimensional space created from materials normally read as flat. Particular works including 'Mainland' and 'Land & Sea' employ multiple perspectives and opposing view points." "Chris's practice involves the exploration of locations through the use of maps. The locations include interior spaces and landscape. The maps are used to create references to location both metaphorically and symbolically and to provide the basis for explorations of space. The significance of maps with their territorial references are used to investigate the illusion of three dimensional space created from materials normally read as flat. Particular works including 'Mainland' and 'Land & Sea' employ multiple perspectives and opposing view points.' Strule Arts Centre, Omagh

5 Feb

Michael McGuinness Retrospective Limavady

Michael's retrosepctive is on in Limavady until 26th February. This important retrospective is an unique opportunity to see a large body of Michael's work over a 30 year period. ........congratulations to Michael. An amazing exhibition. 

I voted one of Michael's flower paintings which was in mullan gallery as the most popular "artists choice"  ever ! SO many artists walked in the door of the gallery and went straight to this painting. It was unbelievable ! (but not surprising). This exhibition will have the same impact. 

Limavady The Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre/Ionad Ealaíon agus Cultúir Ghleann na Ró 

24 Main Street, Limavady 
County Londonderry
BT49 OFJ T: 028 7776 0650

EXHIBITION RUNS: 14 January to 26 February 2011

This major retrospective exhibition of the work of Michael McGuinness marks a homecoming for a Limavady artist who has become one of the finest Irish painters of his generation.

Michael left Limavady over 30 years ago to live as an artist in London. Each summer he returns to paint landscapes in Limavady and Portstewart. Many of these images now adorn the walls of private collectors of irish art internationally.

To celebrate the official opening of the RVACC, it is absolutely fitting that we present this unique exhibition featuring a selection of his paintings and drawings produced over the last thirty-five years, and available for viewing together for the first time in Limavady.

The artist studied in Coventry, Belfast and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. He has exhibited extensively in London galleries, UK, ireland and abroad. 

 Michael will host a talk on his work which is open to the general public on Thursday 24 February at 7pm. This is a unique opportunity for students and artists to hear about Michael`s creative beginnings, process and view extensive images of other work undertaken . Michael has previously lectured at the Tate Gallery and the Hayward Gallery, London.

Admission is free, however places must be booked in advance.
The Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre
24 Main Street , Limavady. BT 49 OH
Tel 028 7776 0650


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